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FUT vs. FUE hair transplant


This treatment can be used for head,  beard and eyebrow. FUT and FUE both involve transplanting individual hair follicles. During FUT surgery, a surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the back or side of your scalp and then extracts the hair follicles.

In FUE surgery, your surgeon will remove individual hair follicles directly from your scalp, rather than first taking a strip of scalp skin. (minimally invasive)

Here’s what your will likely look like:

The surgeon will re-draw your hairline, mark the area of hair extraction, and take photographs for your medical record. Local anaesthesia will be applied to your scalp to numb it.

The hair at the donor site, where your hair is removed from, will be trimmed to about two millimeters.

The surgeon will cut out the strip of skin with the hair follicles that will be used as a graft.


You’ll stay awake during the surgery.

A technician will remove individual hair follicles to prepare them for transplantation.

The hair follicles will then be inserted into the balding parts of your scalp.

An antibiotic and bandages will be applied to your scalp.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Surgical Hair Transplants?

  • Men who have been losing their hair due to male pattern baldness for more than five years.

  • Men who have advanced to class 3 or above on the Norwood Scale.

  • Men who have set realistic expectations. It is essential to recognize that hair loss might continue to progress post-surgery.

  • Men and women with hair loss caused by trauma or burns.

  • Men and women who have lost hair as a result of cosmetic procedures, such as a facelift.

  • Women with thinning hair.​

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery:

The overall cost of the procedure depends on the patient’s condition and goals.

How Long Do Surgical Hair Transplant Procedures Take?

Hair transplant surgeries take between 4 and 8 hours. FUT surgery is generally quicker than FUE surgery. Most people stay awake during the surgery with a local anesthesia that numbs their scalp.


Advantage of FUE

  • shorter healing time

  • More commonly used

  • less pain after surgery

  • doesn’t cause a significant scar (no linear scar left behind like with FUT).

  • hair from other body parts can be used

  • can be used even if you have poor hair density


Advantages of FUT

  • may be a better option if you need a large number of hair follicles grafted

  • for patients that require many grafts

  • shorter operation time

  • offers maximum fullness

Most people see results from the surgery in 6 to 9 months. Some people have to wait a year to see results.


PRP treatments can enhance hair restoration, face and wound.

The platelets contain growth factors that can trigger cell proliferation, speed healing and stimulate tissue regeneration.

Recovery is normally free of any complications, pain is small and manageable.

This treatment strengthens and thickens your existing hair and naturally boost re-growth.

 4 sessions are needed to achieve satisfying results

PRP can be done for both men and women to treat hair loss.


Blood is taken from the patient.

The blood is processed and separated.

The plasma is injected to the scalp.


What is Regenera?

Regenera is a revolutionary hair loss treatment using natural regeneration techniques. It depends on the microscopic injection of stem cells that stimulate hair growth and increase its density in the parts where the hair is light or prone to hair loss.

The Regenera technique works on the principle of hair self-repair, as the cells that are injected into the scalp are taken from the hair follicle itself.

Regenera Activa is a microinjection technology that uses a specialized patented instrument to deliver stem cells to targeted areas and initiate the process of repairing damaged tissue.

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